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Originating in medieval Latin the term „stationer“ refers to a person doing permanent business at a fixed spot, in former times often near Universities. So all items sold in these kind of shops were called stationery: a wide range of paper and office supplies, boxes, glues, writing implements and many more items. This is what our stationery section is about.


The round aluminium tins with glass covers are practical containers for all kind of tiny bits and pieces. The round tins are available in four different sizes and can contain a variety of things such as clips and rings, beads and pigments.


Clips and fasteners are basic office supplies and can be found on any writing desk. If you do not care for your average paper clip you should have a closer look at the CARTA PURA assortment. We carry many different clip possibilities, for different purposes, all well designed and functional, none of them damaging the paper. Among those are the popular Powerclipper, called „Gachuck“ in Japan, the two sizes of Slide Clip and the recently patented Clip Clip – all made in Japan. Besides these we sell standard clips like binder clips, card rings and Boston clips. As they are produced for us, we can deliver all quantities, starting with a single box of clips up to pallets.


A special clip and long-time bestseller is the pen holder for one, two or three pencils. It can easily be fixed to a note book, writing board, on a jacket or a shirt. We can deliver large amounts and follow special requirements – for example a 24 carat gold-plating.


Pencils are another focus of the CARTA PURA stationery section. We have a select puristic and functional range like the „Words“-ceramic roller from Japan and the mechanical lead holders from the Czech Republic. The Japanese brush pen used for calligraphy is usually only produced for the domestic market, so it is difficult to find it elsewhere. The slim and light-weight PIENI-biro with a 0.5 mm lead is made in Japan exclusively for CARTA PURA. Since 2014 we distribute Ohto's "Sharp Pencil", a solid mechanical pencil with a black body and a smooth 2 mm-lead, perfect for drawing and writing.


An international export bestseller is the brass sharpener for one or two pencils. This solid tool has a good weight and sharpens perfectly. We offer two kinds of erasers: the white pebble stone eraser and the black eraser with CARTA PURA paper label – our own product made in Japan.


The legendary Italian Coccoina, the glue with the distinctive smell of almonds, can also be found in our assortment. This acid-free, white and solid potato starch glue, available for nearly 100 years in the stationery world, is suitable for gluing paper on paper – either traditionally with the small brush or practically with the more recent glue sticks.


Our blackboards with an untreated, pure wood frame are also made in Italy. They consist of Genoese slate which is polished on both sides. The three available sizes correspond approximately the format of A5, A4 und A3.


Satin ribbon is mainly used for decorating parcels, boxes and paper cards. We stock these ribbons in 56 shades and five widths. For those who need even more variety we can do special orders.