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A writing paper, without watermark, not laid, completely pure, custom-made exclusively for CARTA PURA – it was an exhausting journey to realize this dream. „Out of this world beautiful“ - this was the first reaction of an American customer when commenting on the new paper, especially the colour rose.


Our web site reflects the importance of Rivoli for CARTA PURA in two ways: first, the intro page shows the five Rivoli colours and, second, the user can chose the background colour of our site by clicking on the colour range band at the bottom of each site. This colour play varies according to the monitor calibration, however, it can give a virtual idea of the coherence between our products and the five tones of the paper.


The quality of Rivoli originates at first in the raw material: Rivoli consists of 25% cotton, giving the paper elegance and profundity. In addition, the strongly calendered surface enables fountain pens and ball point pens to glide easily on the paper. Inkjet and laser print give brilliant results, although the paper is not coated. Last but not least, the colours make the paper: Light blue, light grey and rose have been developed by CARTA PURA and the production was controlled personally in the paper mill. The shades are light enough not to dominate the paper but still bright enough to leave a long-lasting impression.


Rivoli white and ivory have been available for a long time on the Fine Paper market, however, since 2003 they have merely been produced on demand. Here CARTA PURA came into play by slightly changing the weights to be produced and the way of calendering. We make these two white shades in 90 g, 120 g, and 200 g with a very smooth surface.


In the beginning Rivoli was produced in one of the traditional mills in Rives, in the south of Lyon. This small village obviously has something to do with the name of the paper. But there are also other versions about the name's origin. Rivoli can be understood in relation to the Rue de Rivoli, being as elegant and sophisticated as this famous street in Paris. Perhaps there is a connection to one of the two Italian villages named Rivoli. Nevertheless the resonance and conciseness of the name persuaded us to continue with this brand, even after the mill in Rives had to close and the paper is now made for us in the Netherlands. In combination with the pure typography of Gill on sleeves and front pages of our products the word Rivoli catches the eye immediately.


Besides the full size sheets valued by printing companies for offset and letter press, Rivoli is sold in a huge variety of standard sizes, as envelopes, single and double cards. Unusual formats are available like C4 envelopes, the elegant small format we call „Dame“ and three different square sizes which are unusual to find. The complete array of formats you can find here. The paper is also sold as writing block in three sizes and all shades.