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The term mould-made paper is a wide definition sometimes used as synonym for Fine Paper in general. But there are major differences concerning ingredients and production process. Over the years CARTA PURA has developed its own range from the large variety of papers available, concentrating on those with the highest quality.


First, the large size sheets of white paper have to be mentioned, sold under traditional labels like Arches and Zerkall. From these brands we only stock papers with 100% cotton, all are produced on the slow cylinder mould. Several weights are available along with three different surfaces: hot pressed, cold pressed and rough. In our exquisite range hobby artists and professionals will find all that they are looking for.


Since 2013 we are producing a 100% cotton paper for our blocks and sketch books. This paper called "Carta pura" is sold as large size sheet, available in 120 g, 140 g and 270 g. It is made on a very slowly running Fourdrinier machine. Using this pure material for water colouring or drawing gives special pleasure to professionals and amateurs likewise.


In the section of Ingres papers we mainly sell German mould-made papers from Hahnemühle and Zerkall. Very convincing in colours and character is the Zerkall Ingres with a four-sided deckle-edge and a fine, smooth surface. Another traditional Ingres paper comes from the Italian mill Fabriano. Although this paper was once available in a large variety of colours, nowadays it is only produced in four shades and no longer on the cylinder mould.


The Czech writing paper has a hand-made appearance although it is machine-made. The paper is produced from 100% cotton and has a distinctive character. The envelopes are closed by a large rectangular back flap. It is suitable for ink jet printing.


The Zerkall writing paper is made on the cylinder mould. We stock this popular product with a small percentage of cotton in many formats, as single and double cards always with a matching envelope. The deckle-edge and the highly calendered surface both give this paper beauty and functionality. For those customers who do not like deckle-edges and who need a little colour when writing or printing a letter, we can recommend Rivoli, the fine and pure alternative from our own production.