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Custom Made

> Logos
> Boxes
> Japanese papers
> Ribbons
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Over the years we have gained a lot of experience developing and producing the CARTA PURA product range. So we are able to realize many special customer's wishes on demand.


First of all, there is the possibility of personalizing items. You can have your logo on pencils by means of a tampon-print or an embossing on book covers and cards. Some logos are made in the factory itself, directly after production, others are given to an experienced printing or engraving company. The minimum amounts differ a lot, depending on the size of the object. With the lead holders 500 pieces are the minimum, with book or card embossing 100 or 200 pieces are acceptable. Just ask, we will advise you.


Our box sets can be purchased with different cover papers. Many more sizes can be made and nearly all papers from our assortment can be chosen, above all Carta Varese, Satogami, Chiyogami, and Urushi. The hand-made cases and boxes can be custom-made in the same way with minimum amounts of 50 pieces.


In the past ten years we have established a large sample book collection of Japanese papers which we make use of for special productions. The variety of thousands of papers inspires a choice of pattern or colour combination fairly unknown in Europe. As all these papers are printed on demand in Japan, the minimum is 50 sheets. Similar is the case with the Japanese bookcloth. We can order many sumptuous fabrics for special book covers, starting with amounts of 50 meters.


We offer satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon and many more ribbons in all available colours, widths and packings. Please, ask for the complete colour range sheets. Usually a special order is very easy and short-term.


Complete productions from design consulting to the final product is also part of our business. In collaboration with our long-term bookbinder, pressroom and printing company we manufacture for example Leporelli or invitation cards with special papers and label embossing. Also gold-plating is possible such as our pen holders using 24 carat gold.


To realize customer's requests we need time depending on the respective item: ordering extra colours for ribbons may take only a few days, covering boxes with special papers usually needs about 6 weeks and if we get papers printed on demand in Japan you should calculate 3 months. If you provide us with the necessary time scale we can translate your idea into a beautiful product.