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Carta Pura and Carta Varese – the similarity of the two names reflects a long-standing relationship. Both appellations are Italian, one signifies that the paper (carta) is fine and pure (pura), the other hints to the paper's origins in Northern Italy (Varese). Always having been one of our most significant papers Carta Varese seemed a good source of inspiration for our companie's name in the early nineties.


Within the past two decades we invested a lot of time and effort in the distribution of this paper which is printed in Florence. By now we have acquired so many customers from Norway to Spain, from Japan to Australia, that the paper has turned out to be a signature CARTA PURA product. This paper has become very well known worldwide due to the numerous sample booklets we have distributed. Most of our merchant clients carry it in their assortment; it has been the initiation of many long-term business relations.


The printing process of Carta Varese is elaborate. The two-way and multi-coloured papers are printed in a single-colour machine. Every colour is printed separately, so the paper sheets run through the machine several times, a method reminiscent of silk-screen printing. This is the reason why the colours of Carta Varese are so bright and dense even though it is an offset print.


Carta Varese is not only beautiful but also substantial. The base paper for the huge variety of patterns is a 100 g/qm ivory paper, uncoated and acid free. We carry a stock of 150 different designs in Munich. In Italy there are many more patterns at our disposal which can be purchased following certain minimum amounts.


Carta Varese has a wide variety of applications, but first and foremost it is used as wrapping paper. Secondly, it is a very popular covering paper for boxes, albums, books and booklets. Sometimes it is called „cupboard paper“ as one can protect and decorate drawers and boards with it. It also serves as end paper in hiqh quality book productions. Additionally, Carta Varese is used as Origami, collage, decoration, doll's house material and in many other applications.