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Similar to Carta Varese being the most important part of our paper assortment, the book interiors have a comparable significance for our bookbinding section. From the very beginning they have been sold in the shop and turned out to be a bestseller in our wholesale. Apart from these sewn book interiors being used by hobby bookbinders and professionals likewise, CARTA PURA carries a wide range of supplies for hand bookbinding.


Next to the address books, the ruled books and diaries we sell above all the blank books. They are made for us out of an off-white paper always running in the correct direction of grain, the single layers consisting of only 16 pages making the book elegant in appearance and smooth when browsing. Furthermore we sell the photo album interiors in both ivory and black. The album pages are fixed by a special ligament technique so that they are solid and flexible.


In the section of cover material we provide several fabrics like the Iris book cloth in about 50 shades, Japanese luxury cloth and French half-linen cloth. Besides Carta Varese we offer many more papers to be used as box and book cover: machine-made papers like Efalin und Elefantenhaut, Satogami and Tsumugi, and hand-made Japanese papers like Chiyogami, Katazome and Urushi.


Glue and thread, gauze and bogus paper and a large variety of interior and end papers are sold for producing the book block itself. Besides these there are chipboard and coloured cardboard and all kind of tools like needle and awl, paste brush and ruler, dividers and punch. Bone folders can be purchased in two variations: one made out of real cattle bone and the other made out of Teflon which avoids the shiny traces made when folding the paper. Concerning the paper drills there are two alternatives: one coming from Italy punching wholes of 3, 4 and 5,5 mm. The other, named „Screw Punch“, is a Japanese tool which can be filled with eleven different bits between 1 and 5 mm. As to the tools and mechanics, card rings and clips we always pay special attention to good quality. For example, the screw posts (available from 2 mm to 25 mm) are made out of solid, rust-proof brass.


If you are not yet a bookbinding customer but like to order, just let us have your business registration and we will send our price list accordingly. As hand bookbinders usually produce on customer's demand, please, do not hesitate to ask for some of our sample booklets. Only with real paper and cloth at hand you can create your products efficiently.